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Welcome to ezyTRADE

Welcome to ezyTRADE - Barter Exchange Network    

Did you know that there is an enormous untapped market for your business...And it is within easy reach for you right now!


This market is called ‘Barter Trade’ and you may be surprised to know that, in fact, it’s actually the world’s largest trading system. You might call it the world’s best-kept trading and business secret - until NOW!  ezyTRADE now makes it available and open to you - to enjoy and reap the rewards!


Barter Trade is operated through the ‘’ezyTRADE’ Barter Trade Exchange; We provide a simple, fast, effective and powerful system that allows you to trade your services and products with new customers…. Loyal customers. This relationship, based trade opportunity, will help you grow your business more easily without costly advertising spending and with a lot better result for effort.

Oh…and it gets better! If you have overstocks, spare product to move or available ‘slack’ times or spare room / facility that can be utilised; your benefit increases exponentially.

ezyTRADE -  a simple, flexible barter system that will help increase your business and convert slow moving stock, downtime, spare capacity or vacant seats into extra sales.  We provide you a flexible, secure and fully accountable way for businesses to barter their goods and services with businesses all through our expanding network.


ezyTRADE is one of the most dynamic and advanced ’Business2Business’ (B2B) networks in Australia today - with a fast-growing network of like-minded members- all ready to deal with your business TODAY!

Join us NOW!